I want to emphasize the absurdity of the world in which we find ourselves.

Instead of taking care of the planet, which provides us with the resources to live, we have created a system based on overproduction and exploitation. Even moving to the Internet is not a good enough solution, because it needs energy to work.

I'm interested in asking how the internet could respond to our needs, not only for the construction of society, but also for humanity as a species. We have separated ourselves from nature, forgetting that in order to live we need fresh air, direct contact with other people, and that surrounding ourselves with nature can often bring more satisfaction than material possessions.

I explore the boundaries between what is real and what is computer-based, public and private. I reflect on the technological rush and space travel; while we have not yet discovered everything on Earth and are already letting it burn.

I imagine a future in which everything will move to cyberspace. The world will no longer have to pretend that it is not artificial. Reality as we know it will be gone, so we will be able to immerse ourselves completely in what we have created.

We will be able to leave truth and meaning far behind, knowing no more boundaries.